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Da Bears!!! St. Louis isn’t particularly strong, but the Bears showed why
they are, or should be, a serious Super Bowl contender. They can be so
dangerous in all facets of the game: very good defense obviously, they’ve
got weapons on offense — Berrian, Moosh, Jones, Benson, and on special
teams with Devin Hester returning kicks. Even Robbie Gould is a great
place-kicker, athough he had an off game tonight. When Rex plays a smart
game, makes the easy passes, and takes care of the football, opposing teams
must be perfect to beat the Bears. Bottom line: Bears can beat you in
so many ways … IF Grossman limits his mistakes and just plays within the
offense, they are very hard to beat. Of course, the O-line needs to protect
him, which they did vs Rams.

This should worry Bears fans … with all the injuries mounting up on
defense, will the Bears be limiting playoff teams to 17 or fewer points???
Good offenses are getting a decent amount of yards on us as the season goes
on … if this trend continues and we need to count on Rex and the O scoring
3 TDs per game, the bubble will burst earlier than it should. Bears are
not a team constructed to play catch-up football, so it will be very
important to get an early lead against playoff caliber teams. It will be
helpful to have home field advantage throughout, so Bears better focus on
clinching that in the weeks ahead.

Overall, it was not the doomsday result that many of us feared with Grossman
having another poor game. He answered the bell vs Rams, but I want to see
this again before we declare we’re out of the woods with respect to the
recent QB saga. And we need to see the defense step up and really start
getting that killer mentality again.

Question of the week: will anyone dare kick-off to Hester again this

Have a good one …



2 Responses

  1. Can anyone in the NFC score more than 17 pts. in a game? The once formidable Seahawks managed 14 to of all teams…the 49ers? The G-Men score 17 in a game? As long as they remember they have a tight end, maybe they can manage 21.The Cowboys might have a chance. But I’m waiting for the real Romo to come forward. The one we saw vs. the ‘Aints. The Romo who’s not going to be so carefree when the playoff lights bear down on him.

    Of course can we predict anything in the NFL? Last weekend: Bills over the Jets? Pats shutout by the Dolphins?!?!?!? The Jags by 27 over the Colts? At that rate we might see the Cards taking down Denver. The ‘skins beatin’ up on the Saints. Maybe the Browns avenging Art Modell’s team.

  2. Bills over the Jets wasnt that improbable
    Considering McGahee’s history against the Jets
    and the Bills recently play the victory was well…
    to be expected

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