Colts still alive and kickin’

Rumors of their death were quite premature. We’re talking about the Indy Colts here, in case you were wondering. Although we could substitute Sexy Rexy Grossman as our subject and the point would be the same. If you witnessed Monday Night Football this week, you saw a Colts squad that looked as if they just came off their impressive victory over New England a few weeks ago, not the inexplicably wimpy team that allowed 375 yards rushing to the Jags 11 days ago. (How in the world do you give up that much rushing yardage in an NFL game anyway????) In an about face, the Colts looked pretty darned good against a high-powered Cinci offense and a more than capable defense. Plus, the game meant a lot to both teams, especially the Bengals.

Peyton Manning looked brilliant Monday, again laying claim to his generation’s “Greatest QB to never win a Super Bowl”. The exact numbers escape me, but I think he completed something like 90% of his passes for 4 TDs and nearly 400 yards. Nice day at the office, huh? Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne also did a nice impression of Swann and Stalworth … seemingly catching everything within reach and somehow being on the same mental page as Manning during crucial periods of the ball game. The Colts don’t seem to miss the Edge now that Joseph Addai is living up to the promise envisioned on draft day. Even Indy’s swiss cheese defense played a pretty good game.

Makes you wonder if Indy is the NFL’s version of a Momma’s Boy. They’re great at home when they have the security blanket of that dome, the adoring fans, 72 degrees and no wind. Get them on the road on grass and you can steal their lunch money and bully ‘em into a corner where they curl up into the fetal position. Is that a reflection of Tony Dungy? Is he too nice a guy? Is that a reflection of Peyton Manning? Is he too cerebral for the offense to be physical enough to excel on the road when nobody can hear his audible signals? Or are the Indy Colts simply too soft … just another Dome team like the Minnesota Viqueens who somehow lost their manhood after all these years of playing in a dome? Would they be different if they had a different name … something less gentle … like the Broncos or the Stallions?

I think this post-season will reveal a lot about the Colts. I’m rooting for the Colts because Peyton is a great guy and really talented. Same for Marvin Harrison. Tony Dungy is a real class act, too. How can you not root for these guys with those nice royal blue uniforms and the horseshoe on their helmets? Well, if that’s not enough to push you over to the Colts … They’re my aunt’s favorite team, for Pete’s sake!!! So root your heart out for Peyton and Co this post-season!! But I wouldn’t advise putting any money on them once they leave the Hoosier Dome.



4 Responses

  1. Wally,

    Addai has matured rather quickly. I thought the Colts would miss the Edge.
    Do the Bengals not have a running game, or did the Colts’ defense improve? The Colts will need a supreme effort to stop LT if they face the Chargers in the playoffs.
    How about you giving props to Lynn Swann!!!!

  2. If no one else is going to respond, I guess I will. Wally, I’m jealous. What time did that game end out in Alaska? I know there are disadvantages also.

    What is going on with the Bengals? I don’t know any specifics, but why do these guys have to perpetuate this hoodlum persona? They are paid big bucks to play a game. I would hope they love that game. Why do they need more of an adrenaline rush with their off-the-field criminal activities?

    And Marvin Lewis. Wasn’t he a defensive genius with the Ravens? Of course, Dungy used to be referred to as the same. Maybe they were effective facilitators of talent?

    This weekend should be a prime NFL viewing weekend.

  3. How ’bout them Houston Texans!

  4. Houston Texans? hmmm…sounds like someone’s team did not reach the level of mediocrity necessary to make the playoops.

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