Football weekend past — What does it all mean?

From Saturday through New Years Day, we witnessed some pretty surprising events on the field of play in both the NFL and the college bowl games. Here are some observations and conclusions based on those events:

1) The Giants stink, but the Redskins are even smellier. Yet, the Giants could end up going to the Super Bowl because the NFC is so generally mediocre. I’m not predicting the NYG to go, but I’m looking at the top seed 13-3 Bears, who no longer have a great defense and have Sybil playing QB, and wondering if they’ll win even one playoff game! Which Rex will show up in the playoffs … sexy Rexy or T-Rex (soon to be extinct)?? It’s wide open in the NFC … I kinda like the Saints and the Eagles as favorites, but anything can happen as this whole season exemplified.

2) Moment of silence for the Denver Broncos playoff dreams. Okay… that’s long enough. Seriously … now a moment of silence for the young Denver player who was gunned down New Year’s Eve. Why does this senseless crap happen all the time???

3) Somehow, I just don’t see Baltimore having enough offense to make it to the Super Bowl. Wait a minute … isn’t that what we said about 4 years ago?? Scratch that.

4) The Michigan Wolverines AGAIN proved that they are NOT the best team in CFB this year, so can we now stop the whining about them not appearing in the Nat’l Chan’ship game for a rematch with tOSU??? They were thoroughly smoked by an inconsistent, yet awfully talented USC team in the “Grandaddy of them all”. I just love it when UM loses … not sure what it is … okay … I really do know what it is … it’s the poor sportsmanship and incessant whining of Bo Shembechler that has transitioned to his successors, including Lllllllloyd Carr.

5) As a Notre Dame fan, I’m quite wary of the game vs LSU Wednesday, yet I’m also kind of ticked that the Irish are nearly 10 point underdogs. So which is it, Wally??? Do you think they’ll lose big, lose little, or squeak out a W???? My head tells me it’ll be somewhere between losing big and losing little, so the 10 points is probably about right. I hope I’m wrong. Losing by a lot would be near-disastrous for the program, who will have to endure another year of hearing that they haven’t won a bowl game since the Berlin Wall was still intact. Yet, the program is certainly headed in the right direction … more great recruits are coming in, and although 2007 is likely a “rough rebuilding year”, 2008 and beyond could be AWESOME.

6) Three cheers for the Boise St. Broncos!!! At least one of the Broncos teams from the Mountain time zone stepped up to the plate this weekend!!! Wow … what an incredible 4th Qtr and OT in the Fiesta Bowl. Boise St displayed the grit, guts, courage and execution to pull out that win, including some play-calling right out of the sandlot handbook … hook & ladder, Statue of Liberty, etc. It was quite impressive … Cinderella with balls!!!



3 Responses

  1. This just in…the Giants are 7 point underdogs. Which means they will embarrass themselves again in the playoffs and lose by at least ten points. And thanks to the NFL network we didn’t even get to see Tiki rush for a club record. 234? Joe Morris never rushed for that much? Oh wait he played with a Giant defense that actually tackled, so he probably didn’t play much in the fourth quarter. Thus, he could not run up gaudy numbers. Can we NOT talk about the Giants.

    Thanks to a late starting time and a lengthy halftime show I did not see the statue of liberty play. Yes, I can hear Crossword Pete saying that sleep is overrated, but I couldn’t make it beyond 11:30pm last night. Was it my imagination or did Boise State have a whole lot of energy?

  2. God … PLEASE let the Irish actually show up and compete in this Sugar Bowl. I’m not asking for a win … just want a good competitive game and not another prime time, lopsided embarrassment. Thanks … and, oh yes … can you please also give the NY Giants a heart?

  3. Ok – who keeps trying to pose as me? Wally is that you?

    Hail Mary full of grace, hallowed be thy name…Please make this an interesting game.

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