Wally’s NFL predictions (Conference Semifinals)

One of the great football weekends of the year is here in another day. Here is Wally’s prediction of how the Elite 8 will turn into the Super Bowl Champion of 2007:
AFC: Indy beats Baltimore, San Diego beats New England. then, San Diego beats Indy. Peyton just can’t get the post-season monkey off his back.

NFC: New Orleans beats Philly, Chicago beats Seattle. Then, New Orleans beats my Bears!!! Papa Bear Halas churns in his grave.

Super Bowl: And the Saints go marching in!!! They beat the Chargers 24-21. Game is called “Drew’s Revenge“.

So … all you smarties out there in NY and the East coast … tell me how I have it wrong. Enjoy the weekend of football … I will be disappointed if at least 3 of these games aren’t real close.



4 Responses

  1. Wait…no scores? Give us some possible tallies to chew on. Wow! The Saints will win in the windy city?

  2. Indy beats Baltimore
    New England beats San Diego

    New Orleans beats Philly
    Seattle beats Chicago

    Indy beats New England
    Seattle beats New Orleans

    Indy beats Seattle

  3. Sorry Wally.. For this weekend, I have:

    Baltimore -17 Happy Feet Indy -13
    New England -38 San Diego -35

    New Orleans -24 Philly -20
    Chicago -6 Seattle -3

    I can’t wait to watch Rex throw 5 INTs and watch Shaun Alexander gain 48yds on 37 carries.

    As for the next week..

    New England over Baltimore 24-13
    New Orleans over Chicago 17-14

    New England over New Orleans 31-30.
    We get another parade down Tremont St.

    But that is just a biased Bostonian’s take..

  4. Yeah – what’s the over/under on number of carries for Alexander?

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