Bears getting no respect

The “expert” NFL prognosticators are overwhelmingly dissing the Bears and predicting a Saints win Sunday in Soldier Field. Certainly not to be confused with an expert, although I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, I’ve also predicted a Saints win. But what confounds me is the contradiction with the Vegas betting lines, who have installed the Bears as 2 to 3 point favorites. Now we all know that home teams are given the 2-3 points just for that reason … playing in the friendly confines, etc, so Vegas must feel that this game is essentially a toss-up on a neutral field. Now, these people haven’t built huge hotels and casinos by being idiots, so how is it that all 8 of the ESPN “experts” who weekly predict the outcome of NFL games are picking the Saints when the Bears are favored by Vegas????

Well … don’t look to me for the answer. The “experts” must not have confidence in the Bears defense, just like me, but they must also feel that the streaky Sexy Rexy is due to crash and burn since he played a very good game last week. On the contrary, I think Rex will play another decent game. It’s just that the Saints will outscore ’em … and win 27-20.

Will Manning & company finally pull through and exorcise the Patriot ghosts of playoffs past? I think so. I hope so … cuz this is probably their last dance if they don’t get it done Sunday. GO PEYTON!!!



2 Responses

  1. When looking at the remaining quarterbacks, I can’t help but humming a Sesame Street song: One of these things is not like the others; one of these things just doesn’t belong.

  2. I cannot disagree. But what gives me hope as a Bears fan is that this is about match-ups and Rex doesn’t have to play Brees. Brees is obviously the better QB, but he’s probably facing the better defense (Bears). What folks are forgetting is that New Orleans’ defense is not all that great … but of course, they get to hassle Grossman. Should be a pretty good game. Hope it drops to 20 degress with high wind and snow!


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