Shark is a Cub …

… and that’s it. Today, Jeff Samardzija (aka “the Shark”), the outstanding WR and pitcher for the Fighting Irish, signed a 5 year $8 million deal to pitch for the Cubs … and has agreed not to play in the NFL. On the surface, it appears to be a smart financial move given he could enjoy a 15+ year career in baseball and end up making five times that amount. However, he would have been a 1st round draft choice by an NFL team, according to Mel Kiper, and I’m surmising he may have received a similar deal in the NFL with most of it coming in the signing bonus. But, football players tend to have much shorter careers and higher risk of serious injury. Plus, once you get past the signing bonus and first year, football contracts are not guaranteed.

So financially, a smart move in my opinion. Hopefully, baseball is the sport Jeff prefers, or else he may have regrets long term. But only he can say. As a Chicago baseball fan, I AM DELIGHTED, because God knows they need pitching!!! (And other things 🙂 Hopefully, the Shark can stay healthy and fulfill his considerable potential … unlike Kerry Wood and Mark Prior, who have been very disappointing mainly due to constant injuries.

So … good luck to the Shark and the Cubs!! Hopefully, he can play his final baseball season for ND before reporting to the Cubs, but he may have already eliminated his eligibility by signing this deal.



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  1. Wow! Five year deal plus the Cubs hold options for sixth and seventh (whatever that means). Is that a long contract for a guy out of college?

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