Do or Die for the BoSox

Well … the Saux have certainly been here before … facing a seemingly insurmountable deficit in the ALCS against a very capable opponent. Can they come back again … like they did to the Yankmees back in ’04? Or will they wilt and die as against the ChiSox in ’05? (Had to get that in there just to make myself feel good … pretty obvious I know).

What say you Saux fans? Wally says that Beckett pitches like … well … Beckett always seems to do in the playoffs and the Saux win a squeaker in Game 5. Then … things will get very interesting back in Boston as they usually do when the Saux get confident and smell blood in their home park. I think it goes 7.

Hey, we need some drama!!! We really haven’t had any since the Rockies beat the Padres in that one game playoff … which seems like a month ago.

Speaking of the Rockies … er … Rolling Stones as they’ve come to be known since being on the INCREDIBLE ROLL of winning 21 out of their last 22, what a story!!! Score one … no … score 2 points for them. One for being another low payroll team doing well, and a second point for doing it with essentially their own kids. I love that Tulowitzki kid … what a comlplete ballplayer!!! And ya gotta love the fact that steady eddy Todd Helton has a chance to win a ring. Problem is … I think the 8 day layoff will end up killing them and the AL rep will win the World Series. And that’s why I’m rooting for Cleveland … a city starved for a champ since 1948. I think the Rockies will be back and have another chance very soon.

Enjoy the games ….



9 Responses

  1. I don’t know if there is an encore performance of the 2004 Red Sox. I think Cleveland has too good of a pitching staff to blow a 3-1 lead, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it go down to 7 just for entertainment purposes.

    And either AL team is defintely more talented than the Rockies, but Colorado just seems they can’t be stopped. If Cleveland and Colorado play each other in the WS, who is goin to watch besides the devoted baseball fan? FOX is probably praying for the Red Sox to pull through.

  2. Sox are cooked. Stick a fork in ’em; they’re done. Beckett is gonna blow out his arm. He’ll be done in the third…maybe even sooner. Manny and Papi will have an O-fer. Rockies will sweep away the Tribe like the maitre d’ at Brennan’s discards of the cigarette butts into the gutter of Royal St.

    wait…it’s not April Fool’s?


  3. WOW! How ’bout Wally alluding to Mick and Keith. A new side of Wally or is this just your 19th nervous breakdown. oh who’s to blame


  4. I’ll watch the World Series … doesn’t matter who’s in it. I’m a baseball fan.

    Although most of the entire right coast will tune out if the Saux aren’t in, lots of others will tune in to see two low payroll teams that haven’t won in forever duke it out. And when they hit a HR … they won’t stand at home plate posing for 30 seconds. Nope, they’ll hustle around the bases like you’re supposed to. Ramirez is an incredibly gifted player, but he’s a !@#%@^W%# idiot. I hope he gets drilled tonight if the game is out of hand.


  5. I absolutely love the fact that Torre turned down an offer from the Yankmees today. He just told Steinbrenner to $%#@& off. B-E-utiful !!!!

    Now … can he turn around the O’s??? Would love the irony of Torre and the birds beating out the Yankmees for the playoffs 🙂


  6. Can we define idiot? Ok – Manny stood and watched a hr. But to call him an idiot? I don’t know what is more over the top – Manny’s watching a hr ball, or the assertion that Manny is an idiot?


  7. You come up with the appropriate word, Mr English Teacher. Meanwhile, Tribe fans and others are using words stronger than “idiot”. Don’t tell me you’re condoning his behavior and passing it off as it’s “just Manny being Manny”. You should know better. I hope he gets drilled right in the ribs. If he got hit in the head, it wouldn’t matter.

  8. Count me among those who would take Manny on my team before a lot of other players. I did say he stood too long. Are we going to define someone by one play?


  9. That’s certainly not the first time he’s done that … even in this series. He’s a consistent offender.

    Anyway … Beckett did what Beckett does. He’s a stud pitcher … right now the best in baseball. Can he start a potential Game 7 or is that asking too much … too little rest? I suppose he’ll be ready in the pen at the very least.


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