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World Series: Boston in 6. By the time the Rockies wake up from their 8 day slumber, they’ll be down 2-0. Saux clinch it in Fenway in Game 6 after winning one in Denver. Beckett will win two for Boston. Wally’s rooting interest: the Rockies. Any time the low-payroll, “come from nowhere team”, underdog can win, the game is better off. It gives all those other fans hope.

Patriots vs Colts on Nov 4: Colts win 24-21. Homefield advantage and Colts ball control on offense will frustrate Tom & Randy. Pats haven’t played a defense this good yet. Vinatieri turns the tables at the end. Winner goes to the Super Bowl. Wally’s rooting interest: the Colts. My aunts live in Indy, plus I’m practically a Hoosier, so what can I say? And … I’ve hated the Pats ever since Brady’s tuck rule shenanigans vs the Raiders sent them to that first Super Bowl.

Other stuff: Despite their pathetic performance on the field this year, Notre Dame’s performance off the field and on the recruiting trail has been … somehow … wonderful. As of today, ND has 21 verbal commitments from mostly 4 and 5 star players ready to sign the ol’ letter of intent in February. This class currently sits firmly at #1 in the country. The challenge for Weiss & Co will be to combat the expected negative recruiting from others and keep these players truly committed. To that end, two of the new blue-chippers surprisingly committed after the USC debacle. For the most part, these H.S. seniors must feel that the young talent on this team (current frosh and sophs were from Top 10 classes) is enough to turn this thing around in a year or two. For those not familiar, Ty Willingham really left the cupboard bare at ND … there are only 25 players in the junior and senior classes combined, and those classes were ranked about 40th give or take.

I’ve been chiding Weiss for not getting it done on game days this year. Although the schedule through 8 games was certainly one of the toughest in the country and the team is “young”, it still seems that a former NFL “offensive genius” should be able to get his troops to muster more than 150 yards and 8 points per game. To his credit, CW has admitted making tactical mistakes in the summer leading up to the opener and, in fact, is still learning on the job. But he and his staff have hung together and nobody is outworking them when it comes to recruiting. So … if CW can pick up a few tricks from his college peers while keeping all these blue-chippers engaged, 2009 and beyond could be banner years for the Irish.

On the eve of starting yet another NBA season, can anyone unseat the Spurs? My guess is, yes, given that the Spurs history has been to win it all, then lose hunger and focus for a season or two before claiming the title again. Of course, they better not lose it for too many seasons, cuz Tim Duncan isn’t getting any younger. Same can be said for Steve Nash of the Suns … it’s getting to be do-or-die for Phoenix. Will there be a younger team that finally emerges, like the Bulls? Or will it be a “chemistry experiment team”, like the Celtics? Or will it be the NBA’s perpetual underachievers … the Dallas Mavwrecks?

Enjoy the Series … hope it’s competitive.



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  1. I’m expecting the Sox to lose tonight. Law of averages says they can’t have a repeat of game 1. For that matter their arms have to be tired. On top of that Schilling is only effective when threatened by elimination. Does anyone know how to contact Dustin Pedroia or Jacoby Ellsbury? I want to introduce them to my daughters.

    Because the Pats haven’t faced a good ‘D’ is why Brady and co. will beat the Colts. They have something to prove. And how long ago did the ‘tuck’ happen?

    An NFL offensive genius doesn’t exactly make you a great college coach – see Crossword Pete’s theory.

    I expect the Spurs to win again – barring any injuries or Kobe landing in Phoenix or Dallas for a pittance. I love the Bulls (nice Duke influence with Duhon and Deng), but they are two years, and a consistent inside threat away.

    I take back the Kobe comment – if he landed in Phoenix, Nash would be neutralized. For that matter anywhere he lands he will neutralize whatever offense his team has.

  2. Sox take tonight and head into Colorado up 2-0. From there, they split in Colorado and then finish it in Boston. It will be the best party since a few rebels dumped some tea in the Haaaahbor.

    As for the Pats.. I think the Colts make it close. I am really start to like the “Eff you” touchdowns at the end of the games. The Pats could be sitting back and just letting the game finish. Instead it is down the field for one more. As for not playing against a tough ‘D’. You just gave Belichek all the ammo he needs heading in. Pats 38-17. But first things first 27-0 over the ‘skins. If they win the Super Bowl this year, can we finally call them a dynasty?

    Lastly…. How is this for an article. Talk about a player who just doesn’t get it. An organization treated him like gold and even probably tossed in a season or two because of him.. Are you kidding me Mr. Bonds? Fired? How about the realization that you are a 42 year old, over the hill, can’t play 150 games a year, let alone in the outfield or in the NL player? Not to mention all of the steriod use has caught up to you and your body is falling apart. The Giants should be kicking themselves. Why did they ever treat this guy with the respect they did? Why didn’t they see him like the rest of the league saw him. An over grown, head too big for King Kong’s shoulders – baby.

    Get real Barry Bonds and start kissing the Giant’s organization bee-hind.

    Peace, I am out.. Go Celtics!!

  3. First off- no comments on the Pats/Cots game until the Pats/Redskins game. I pointed at this game a month ago concerned with the Redskins and their secondary creating enough concerns to throw off our passing game. Is our running game ready (and healthy) enough to carry the day? I think so, but this is the trap game that worries me. I hope I am wrong, but this game makes me uncomfortable for my Pats…

    No predictions for my Saux…just enjoying their run…

    I will ask the group if they would want Schill in their rotation next year for $13 mil? I am struggling with this right now. Is he finished? I say no…but are the Saux looking to move on to younger (and cheaper) options? Probably yes…I’d love to keep him, but my feeling is that Theo will move on…

    Great to have the Celtics back…whether they win lots and lots remains to be seen, but it’s nice to care about them enough to watch again…KG is just a pro’s pro…

    Just riding the Boston sports wave…4 SI covers in 7 weeks? Just craziness…but I love it!

    Fingers crossed for the weekend…

    Special callout to Saux fans who enjoy ESPN Sports Guy (page 2) writings- see article concerning JD Drew grand slam…GREAT STUFF!!!

  4. Muels,

    I am also conflicted with the Schill situation, but am choosing to leave all ’08 lineup discussions alone until ’07 is complete.

    Boston sports – how ’bout the BC comeback the other night? I was giving the remote a workout but obviously not long enough-I gave up on the Eagles with about ten minutes remaining.

    My fingers are so crossed I am probably going to get arthritis from this weekend.

    and the link to the article:


  5. Congrats to Boston and Saux fans! Great team … and apparently a very bright future given the talented young players on the squad. Papelbon is indeed “the new Rivera”. Both teams suffered from middle relief meltdowns, but more by COL, and that was the reason this was a sweep. Boston’s offense is truly the best in baseball … and they proved it again.

    Speaking of great teams … the Pats are looking so good that they’re boring. Not a knock on them, but they’re beating teams to a pulp and it’s usually over by halftime … like vs Washington. Looking forward to the tilt vs Colts … hopefully Indy will provide at least a bit of drama.


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