The Mitchell Report

Certainly haven’t read the Mitchell Report itself, but have now read enough articles and excerpts to be dangerous. Two things make me happy from what I’ve seen. First, the cocky-as-hell Roger Clemens will now stand with Barry Bonds as a high profile cheater of the first degree. (I thought it was pretty fishy that someone could pitch that well into their mid-40’s … now we know why!) Love that many of Rocket’s 7 Cy Young awards are tainted. This date with infamy couldn’t have happened to a nicer jerk, in my opinion. Secondly, I was delighted not to see Sammy Sosa’s name mentioned. Yet. Whether he was smarter than the others at hiding it, hasn’t been caught yet, or simply didn’t take the stuff, we don’t know. But Sammy is a Chicago icon still loved by many, and it would be nice if it turns out he didn’t take the juice. But we may never know.

Lastly, on one hand, it’s a very sad day for MLB … now that we know that much of what we’ve seen for at least the past decade was artificially enhanced and that baseball has a big problem. But it’s also a good day … since the first step in fixing a problem is admitting you have one. MLB’s big problem is now on stage for all to see … thanks to the Mitchell Report. Now it’s up to Selig to institute a disciplinary policy with real teeth!!!



Hall of Fame Ballots (cont’d)

Ol’ Wally says ya can’t have these Hall of Fame arguments without diving into the numbers a bit. (One of the many reasons I love baseball). The players that seem to be highly debated by our readers are Dawson, Rice, Raines and Blyleven. Their career stats are shown below and put into context with actual Hall of Famers (*) and potential HoFers.

Dawson 279 323 482 2,774 438 1,591 314 1,373
Jim Rice 298 352 502 2,452 382 1,451 58 1,249
Dw Evans 272 370 470 2,446 385 1,384 78 1,470
B Williams * 290 361 492 2,711 426 1,475 90 1,410

Ron Santo 277 362 464 2,254 342 1,331 35 1,138

Tim Raines 294 385 425 2,605 170 980 808 1,571
Lou Brock * 293 343 410 3,023 149 900 938 1,610

Starts Wins Win% ERA K CG
B Blyleven 685 287 53% 3.31 3,701 242
F Jenkins * 594 284 56% 3.34 3,192 267
C Hunter * 476 224 57% 3.26 2,012 181
D Sutton * 756 324 56% 3.26 3,574 178

Here are some things that jump out at me:
1) Dawson compares pretty well with HoFer Billy Williams (ironically, also a former Cub), plus Andre gets extra credit for his Gold Gloves. Williams gets a slide edge as a hitter. My initial gut feel was that Dawson would not make it. Wrong. He probably should, but that doesn’t mean he’s a first ballot guy.

2) How come we haven’t heard a lot of support for Dwight Evans? If Rice goes in, shouldn’t Evans? Plus, Evans has a few Gold Gloves, doesn’t he? Bosox fans … tell me what I’m missing here.

3) Ron Santo was a multi-GG winner as a 3rd baseman. Very tough position for great offensive stats. If Rice and Evans are HoFers, so is Santo.

4) Tim Raines compares very favorably to HoFer Lou Brock!!! Again, maybe not a first ballot type guy, but he should be in eventually.

5) I repeat … can somebody please tell me why Bert Blyleven is not in the Hall already??? Other than the fact that he played in relative obscurity in Minnesota for much of his career. This guy’s picture is in the dictionary next to “Uncle Charlie”.

Your reactions now that we see the numbers??