Super predictions

Well … it’s time to put our money where our keyboard is. Let’s see everyone’s Super Bowl predictions … Winner, final score, MVP, and anything else you care to prognosticate.

Wally says: Pats win 27-24 on (what else?) a game-winning FG with hardly any time left after a Brady-led drive starting on the NE 25 with 2:30 left in the game. Tom Terrific is the MVP due to 25 of 36 passing for 270 yards and 3 TDs, including another endzone dump to Vrabel. (When will somebody catch on and stop this play?!?!?)

What’s your prediction???



ND wins again … off the field

This just in:
Continuing their fine work Sunday through Friday, the ND football team achieved a fifth straight semester with a team average G.P.A of over 3.0. Prior to Charlie’s tenure at ND, the highest team GPA (since such numbers were recorded ’92) was 2.91.

Sticking with the academic theme, Notre Dame was awarded the 2007 American Football Coaches Association’s Academic Achievement Award this past week in Anaheim, California. The annual award goes to the college program with the highest football graduation rate. This year, which represents the players who entered the school in 2001-02, the Irish tied for first place with Northwestern as 95% of the class graduated. Overall it is the 7th time that ND has won the award (’82, ’83’, ’84, ’88, ’91, ’01).
This academic success is something ND sports fans should be proud of. And if the football team can elevate performance on the field to Top 10 stature in a couple years, it will be nice to see that “real student athletes” can compete for Div 1 championships. B/t/w, the Irish are getting close to signing one of the elite recruiting classes in the country. Hey … some services think it’s #1! If this comes to fruition, that will give Charlie Weiss three Top 10 classes in a row and they will comprise 2008’s freshman, sophs and juniors. (By contrast, Willingham’s previous two classes before his departure — the ’07 Juniors and Seniors — were in the #35-40 range). Recruiting well, alone, does not guarantee success, but it is the main ingredient. Now we’ll find out if CW & staff can really coach.