Amen (Corner)!

Hey … you don’t even have to go to church Sunday morning … it’s the 4th round of the Masters … they’ve got “Amen Corner” on the course there at Augusta … so you’re good if you watch!!!

Okay … here’s the Leaderboard after 3 rounds:
-11 Immelmann
-9 Snedeker
-8 Flesch
-7 Casey
-5 Woods (aka “Tigah”)

Woods is in 5th, 6 shots off the lead and 4 shots off 2nd place. He’s got 4 golfers in front of him with 18 to play. Who among you thinks he’s got a shot to win? OK … who among you thinks he’s got better than a 50% chance of winning? It’s amazing … I’ll bet that at least half of America thinks Tiger is gonna make this a photo finish. The other half just flat out thinks he’s gonna win going away. If Nicklaus, in his prime, were in this same position going into the 4th round, we’d give him a 10-15% chance of winning … no more than that. Tiger is truly “great”.

Here’s my prediction: I don’t know if he’s gonna win, but I’ll bet that Tiger shoots 5 under par in the 4th round and finishes at 10 under. He’s just gonna rise to the occasion and make a game of it … it’s his mental toughness and competitiveness that make him truly special. The other golfers will feel Tiger’s heat and perform less than their best. 5 under may get Tiger into a playoff, or he may fall short by a stroke or two. Which of the 4 golfers in front of him will suck it up and actually shoot a subpar round? Can Immelman just shoot even par to win by a stroke … or will he gag under the Tigerscope? Will Snedeker come in at -2 to best Tiger, or will he be +2 looking up at Mr Woods? Sunday will be a psychology test more than a golf test. Should be very interesting. I’ll be shocked if Tiger isn’t within a stroke or 2 at the end … and I’m probably speaking for 80% of you out there.



Break up the O’s!

Random baseball thoughts:

I know we’re just a week into it and the Orioles haven’t exactly played a Murderer’s Row schedule just yet, but they’re 6-1!!! Insert blind squirrel comment here _____________________________________________.

Meanwhile, the Tigers are now 0-7 with a couple more to play at Fenway. Chain smoker Jimmy Leyland is now up to 6 packs a day. This could be the most underachieving squad since the 2007 Mets!

Speaking of the underachieving Mets, they are in the basement at 2-4 and Pedro’s got a hammy.

Who’s gonna be the first of us to take in a game at the Nationals’ new ballpark in D.C.?

While channel surfing last night, I came across a gem on ESPN Classic … a 1976 mid-season game between the Yankees and the Tigers in Detroit. What a blast from my past! Mark “The Bird” Fidrych was pitching for the Tigers, Ron LeFlore and Mickey Rivers manned CF for their clubs, Chris Chambliss was statuesque for the Yanks at 1B, Willie Randolph was a rookie at 2B and “Le Grande Orange”, Rusty Staub, was in the twilight of his career for DET. Billy Martin was spewing profanity from the dugout. The Bird was the story … he was mowing ’em down and threw a complete game … like his 7th of the season!!! In June!!!! The only disappointment for me was that Thurman Munson was on the DL, so Elrod Hendricks did the catching for NY. Anyway, for this 44 year old, this was terrific viewing. Did anyone else see it? Does anyone else know what I’m talking about?!?!? I’ll bet Casey does 🙂