Amen (Corner)!

Hey … you don’t even have to go to church Sunday morning … it’s the 4th round of the Masters … they’ve got “Amen Corner” on the course there at Augusta … so you’re good if you watch!!!

Okay … here’s the Leaderboard after 3 rounds:
-11 Immelmann
-9 Snedeker
-8 Flesch
-7 Casey
-5 Woods (aka “Tigah”)

Woods is in 5th, 6 shots off the lead and 4 shots off 2nd place. He’s got 4 golfers in front of him with 18 to play. Who among you thinks he’s got a shot to win? OK … who among you thinks he’s got better than a 50% chance of winning? It’s amazing … I’ll bet that at least half of America thinks Tiger is gonna make this a photo finish. The other half just flat out thinks he’s gonna win going away. If Nicklaus, in his prime, were in this same position going into the 4th round, we’d give him a 10-15% chance of winning … no more than that. Tiger is truly “great”.

Here’s my prediction: I don’t know if he’s gonna win, but I’ll bet that Tiger shoots 5 under par in the 4th round and finishes at 10 under. He’s just gonna rise to the occasion and make a game of it … it’s his mental toughness and competitiveness that make him truly special. The other golfers will feel Tiger’s heat and perform less than their best. 5 under may get Tiger into a playoff, or he may fall short by a stroke or two. Which of the 4 golfers in front of him will suck it up and actually shoot a subpar round? Can Immelman just shoot even par to win by a stroke … or will he gag under the Tigerscope? Will Snedeker come in at -2 to best Tiger, or will he be +2 looking up at Mr Woods? Sunday will be a psychology test more than a golf test. Should be very interesting. I’ll be shocked if Tiger isn’t within a stroke or 2 at the end … and I’m probably speaking for 80% of you out there.



15 Responses

  1. That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout. Helmet Sticker to Wally for getting the fourth round discussion started.

    Count me among the 80%.

    Oh yeah – off the topic but not really considering Wally started this thread – that was a goal last night.

  2. nomine patris, et filii, et spiritus sancti, Amen!

  3. Maybe the Clipboard should serve as the unofficial site of Paul Casey golf. 🙂

  4. Nothing like the heat of Sunday round of golf for the Green Jacket and Mr. Woods breathing down your neck. Wally, I am with you. I think he shoots 4 under, at Immelmann and Snedeker crap their pants and come back to pack..

    Every time the crowd cheers ahead of them, they are going to wonder “What did Tiger do now.. How far back is he.. “

  5. Hey Paul/Casey … How can we not be rooting for Paul Casey??? I think we’re on to something here.

    Changing the subject … damn right that was a goal scored by the Irish!!! Game outcome indeed may have been different if the goal was properly allowed. I’m absolutely confounded when both announcers … and these guys know their hockey … state that it should have been a goal only to have the zebras over turn it. What?!?!? He stopped the puck with his skates and as he was being held and pushed out of the crease area, he did try to kick it in, but he totally whiffed on that attempt (which was obvious) and the puck already had enough momentum to go in from the initial skate contact. The zebras convicted him on criminal intent, but not on actually what physically happened!!! Oh well … just another shit call by people we pay alot of money not to make shit calls. We’ll just add it to the shit list. No .. I’m not bitter 😦


  6. Add Barry Melrose to the list who thinks it was a goal.

    ‘Cinderella story – here at Augusta.’

  7. Steve ‘In The’ Flesch was starting to look good…oops – maybe not. Wind is wreaking havoc.

  8. Oh – what a shot by ‘Sneakers’

  9. I’m sensing a total lack of Tiger Magic. I can’t remember ever seeing him this baffled, confused, unconfident … especially on the Sunday of a Major. The wind is tough, but the “no-names” seem to being doing OK with it. Even Stewart “Cink that Putt”.

  10. What a sports day!! I’m wearing out the remote … The Masters is my base of operations on CBS, but I’m periodically checking the Chisox on WGN (winning 5-0 in 4th), the Cubs are winning 4-2 on TBS, the Philly Flyers are leading 2-0 on NBC, and the NBA Lakers-Spurs will be starting in a few minutes on ABC. More NHL playoffs later on Versus. Does it get any better than this … or do I need a life??? Promised the kids we’d practice some softball later today, so that’ll get me away … when the Masters is over.

    Tiger just put it close … maybe this birdie will get him going …

  11. Don’s forget Sox/Schmanks later.

  12. Tiger has literally dropped the ball today. He certainly hasn’t dropped any putts. I was wrong about him leading a charge today. He appears to be … well … very human. Immelman has left the door open for one of the other 5 in contention to walk through but nobody seems to want to accept the invitation. It’s been kind of a snoozer … not much drama at all. No great shot-making. Maybe Sneakers will take some chances and make a charge. Forget that last one … Brad just put it into the drink. And now another !!! He’s gone!

    Looking forward to Saux vs Yankmees later … and some more playoff hockey.

    Both Chicago teams won their games today … my mood is good.

  13. Solid win for Immelman. I wish I could be human like Woods for just one round. 🙂

  14. Here’s hoping that the Yanks digging up Big Papi’s uni at the new Stadium helps Ortiz more than the Yanks..
    I still can’t believe that they buried it…

  15. Muels-

    The worm has turned.

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