Wally’s (White Sox) World

I’m probably quite unique in the world of readers and contributors to this CC&WW site. I’m a die-hard fan of the Chicago White Sox … the ChiSox … the Palehose. (Actually, this probably makes me unique in the USA … aren’t many ChiSox fans out there). Admittedly, the Sox are certainly Chicago’s second baseball team in terms of popularity … the Cubs have the cozy ballpark, the yuppies, and the made-for-TV (WGN Superstation!) story of the cursed lovable losers. I understand all that, and I REALLY like the Cubs, too … I want them to end this 100 year drought just as much as anyone. But the fact is … I grew up on the South Side raised by parents and grandparents who worshipped Minnie Minoso, Nellie Fox, Louis Aparicio, Billy Pierce, big Ted Kluzewski and the ’59 pennant winners. Of course, 1959 was last time, prior to 2005, that any Chicago baseball team made it to the World Series … and it was five years prior to my birth. Then, starting in the very late 60’s, my dad and grandpa would take me to Comiskey Park about 4 times every summer … and my personal love affair with the White Sox (and baseball)was well underway. Loved the stadium … everything about it … looked like a palace when it was lit up for a night game. The exploding scoreboard … wow! And then there was Dick Allen … my hero … the



coolest, best player in the entire city for about 3 years. I wanted to be Dick Allen. (Wanted to be good looking, smart and rich too … but obviously have missed all my targets 🙂

Anyway, the WhiteSox have been flawed throughout the years. 2005 was a total, but welcome, shock to the system … it proved to me that ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN … since I thought that seeing a World Series ring earned by any Chicago baseball team was a pipe dream in my lifetime … as it had been for thousands of Chicagoans now deceased. ’05 changed all that. I now see possibilities in life where once I saw a wall. This Palehose team is certainly quite flawed once again. Can’t play small ball, they whiff too much waiting for the HR, middle relief is a total (or Dotel) nightmare, Ozzie is a time bomb, etc.

But the playoffs start today!!! I kinda like our chances at home … not sure why … the Twins beat us soundly 3 in a row last week … they are the “anti-Sox” … fight for every run, one at a time. They walk, bunt, steal bases, scrap and fight. I like ’em. The Twins are a team Joe Sixpack can root for. But somehow, I see possibility for the White Sox. Remember … ’05 changed everything … so I believe the Sox can do it. Sure, they’ll probably crash and burn tonight and I’ll be dead wrong … but I believe they can do it. I know it’s foolish … but belief can be empowering.

Man … I hope Danks has his good stuff tonight. I think Thome or Konerko are gonna go long. Hopefully, the Sox “CAN PUT IT ON THE BOOOOOOOOARD …. YYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!” Game on … the playoffs have started 🙂



5 Responses

  1. Wally

    Check you out – two great posts in three days. Keep ’em comin’

    That cathedral known as Comiskey (the first one) was a special place. I was only there once – thanks to you – but it left a lasting impression. Yeah the scoreboard was great. I loved the archways.

    I’m a little torn tonight – kinda pullin for the Twins (just call me Joe Sixpack – make it a Sam and you’re right on). But I wouldn’t be crushed if your Pale Hose won.

    Hope you appreciated the Ozzie picture – I was trying to keep with ‘time bomb’ feeling.

  2. Casey —
    Excellent additions. Thanks for adding the clip art and photos to my posts! Livens it up. Classic Ozzie.

    Look at that photo of Dick Allen … that guy was ripped 20 years before steriods were invented. He swung the heaviest bat in baseball and ran like a deer. Too bad he retired in his prime … end of ’74 I think … to raise race horses in Kentucky. What?!?!?! A sad day back in my youth …


  3. 1-0 White Sox winner. Miracle on 35th Street!! My pick to click, Thome, came through. John Danks pitched a helluva game. First time in my parents lifetime that both Chicago teams are in the playoffs same year. Awesome! Now hopefully at least one of them makes it to the WS.

  4. Great call on Thome. Ummmm…dare I say defense wins championships. 🙂

  5. I will not deny the wisdom behind Yogi Berra’s famous quote: “Baseball is 85% pitching … and the other half is the rest.”

    Most of “defense” in baseball is the pitching, but we did see some great defensive plays last night: Griffey tossing out Cuddyer at the plate (Pierzynski is a gamer) and Anderson’s diving grab to end the game. The inability to make the basic defensive plays in the field can really hurt (e.g. The Tigers fielding meltdowns in the WS a few yrs ago).


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