NFL’s Worst Coaching Staff? Chicago Bears

Lovie Smith and the entire Bears coaching staff should be fired immediately!!! I cannot believe the incompetence I just saw. Did anyone else see this???? In the NFL, you just cannot give games away … all three of the Bears losses this year were gift-wrapped for the opposition … but today’s loss at Atlanta was the most egregious screw-up I can remember in a long time.

The Bears had just taken a 20-19 lead with 11 seconds left in the game after a stirring rally led by Kyle Orton. So … on the ensuing kick-off, you’re gonna blast it as deep as possible right down the middle, RIGHT? Obviously, even a moderately long run back to, say, midfield from the endzone will take about 7-8 seconds leaving only a last gasp hail mary pass to the endzone as the final play. It’s easy right? Just do the math … kick as deep as possible to the middle of the field … let ’em use up lots of time running it back … but hopefully you tackle ’em back behind the 25 or so. Either way, Atlanta has time for only one offensive play from scrimmage after the kick return. WE JUST DON’T WANT THEM TO HAVE TIME FOR 2 PLAYS WITH ONE OF THEM BEING A FIELD GOAL!!!!!!

So what does Lovie Smith and the coaching staff with the lowest IQ in all of sports do on the kick-off? They kick a grounder down the middle … it’s fielded cleanly at the 35 and run back to about the Bears 43. THAT ONLY TOOK 4 SECONDS, so there’s 7 seconds left and the Falcons are essentially at midfield. Crap. Now you want to keep them inbounds regardless of how much they get on the NEXT pass or at least play 7 deep and be able to bat everything down, right? Nope. Not in Lovie’s World. They basically let Matt Ryan throw the incredibly predictable 25 yard sideline out pattern and the WR goEs out of bounds with 1 second left. Elam comes in for the FG and of course the Bears lose AGAIN by giving the game away.

The Bears ownership are made up of idiots (after Papa Bear Halas died, the family gene pool wasn’t the best), so apparently they’ve hired people like themselves to coach the team. But if I’m the owner of this team, I call Lovie Smith on his cell phone right now and say “Don’t bother coming home … YOU’RE FIRED AND SO IS YOUR ENTIRE STAFF … we will mail you your final paychecks”. I just cannot believe an NFL coach could make so many STUPID decisions in succession to essentially cost his players a much needed W. If it wasn’t obvious earlier, it sure is now … THE BEARS WILL GO NOWHERE WITH LOVIE SMITH AS HEAD COACH. He should be fired immediately.



3 Responses

  1. Wally,

    I happened to see the last 2:00 of that debacle. I have often scratched my head about the infamous squib kick.

  2. What about that call on the goal line on 4th down. Let’s hand it off 4 yards into the back field, not go straight up the gut or QB sneak it.

    I will say I think the Falcons are lucky they were home, because I find it hard to believe that pass play only took 5 seconds.

    Da Bears could easily, easily, be 6-0.

  3. Yes … the play call on 4th down was suspect … as are a lot of their play calls. Lovie was handed a true gift … the lead with 11 seconds left … and he said “I cannot accept this gift for my football team. here ya go. We don’t deserve this because I’m an idiot.”

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