Odd & Ends

Observations from the weekend … thru Saturday:

1) I’m in love with Boise, Idaho. Very quaint city … EXTREMELY CLEAN … well thought out … scenic … “outdoorsy” … nice people. The only problem is the blue smurf turf. The BSU Broncos are definitely a thinking-man’s team. They play no-huddle quickball and rely, to some degree, on trickeration. Their defense is surprisingly physical. Chris Peterson is one heckuva coach. Broncos will apppear in a BCS Bowl … again.

2) Texas is for real. Mizzou doesn’t know what hit ’em.

3) Love the fact that Penn State beat the crap out of the Michigan Skunkbears. Have I ever stated that I LOVE IT WHEN MICHIGAN LOSES?!?!?!?!

4) Steve Spurrier isn’t a very good coach. South Carolina could not score a point at home vs LSU in the second half … if they did, they probably would’ve won. Their offense is wound tighter than Cubs players in the playoffs.

5) Not much defense being played in the Big 12 this year. The over/under in every game is like 80.

6) Alabama is ready to be beaten. It will happen soon. The offense isn’t good enough to go undefeated.

7) Red Sox have tied the series!!! I told you (Casey) before Friday that they were still in it. Never count this crew out. They have “it”. Tampa started clutching their esophagi sometime during the 6th inning tonight and it will continue through Sunday. You can count on a few more errors by Rays fielders to assist your cause in game 7. TB knows they are in severe trouble.

8) I’ve finally figured out why ALL Red Sox games last at least 3 1/2 hours and usually go past 4 hours. Each Boston batter will step out of the box after EVERY pitch. They will then unstrap EACH batting glove and refasten it … as if the very act of watching a pitch go buy loosens the velcro. Then they spit on their hands and get back in the box very slowly … one foot at a time. If this takes too long … they will step out again for fear that the velcro has loosened even before they have watched another pitch go by. Human rain delay … even Mike Hargrove wasn’t this bad.

9) Youkilis is the most INTENSE player I have ever seen. There’s smoke coming out of his ears just before the pitcher delivers the ball. (He’s probably pissed that his velcro is coming loose).

10) The Michigan State Spartans proved again WHY THEY SUCK. As usual, they’re on the precipice of proving they BELONG in the Top 15 … only to prove that THEY DON’T. To play that poorly at home vs a so-so Ohio State team is shameful. Don’t be surprised if they now lose 3 in a row … in keeping with true MSU tradition. When does hoops start?



5 Responses

  1. One big giant HELMET STICKER!!!!!

  2. Holy Crap! The skunkbears were winning 17-7 at one point. 46-17? Did Rodriguez manage to retain all the necessary file cabinets? 🙂

  3. “I’m” Rich Rodriguez is in the process of bamboozling another university that he will bring them to the promised land in exchange for a huge paycheck. I look forward to several more years of Skunkbear humiliations. RichRod is a fraud and Michigan fans have as much personality as Bo did … which is to say … NONE.

    I’m really impressed with the Boise State program. They are very well coached and a smart football team. Since they are undersized, they must execute to perfection and they usually do. They are Navy or Air Force, but with more talent. It’s wonderful how the whole city rallies around this team. EVERYTHING is blue and orange … I’m starting to like it.

    Thanks for for the giant helmet sticker, Casey. I will put it on my giant helmet. 🙂

  4. I’m not ready to jump off the Alabama bandwagon yet. Ole Miss went into the Swamp and beat Florida. Saban’s crew has probably gotten trhough the toughest stretch of their schedule. They have LSU in 3 weeks and the rivalry game with Auburn is no gimme. I think they can finish this off undefeated. But more than likely they’ll falter @LSU.

    Texas has the tough stretch coming up in their schedule. They have OK State then @Texas Tech. I don’t think either poses a real threat, unless they catch the Longhorns sleeping. Then they finish with Baylor, Kansas, and A&M.

    Colt McCoy is also the leading rusher for Texas. He’s pulling his best 2007 Tim Tebow impersonation. And his completion percentage is 81%. Unbelievable.

    BCS comes out today. I think Penn State will be disappointed. I also think Alabama will eke by Texas at first – strength of schedule has been tougher for Alabama, although Texas is going to surpass them in the next 2 weeks in that category.

    Was anyone booing Varitek in Boston last night? I can’t even talk about the BooSox right now. It made me sick watching people leave in the 7th inning of that game the other night. Sox fans are officially jaded and for some reason feel entitled. Seriously – if you had tickets to a championship series, would you leave before the final out, no matter the score?

    Heisman Watch:
    1. Colt McCoy TX
    3. No real need to list anyone else at this time

  5. Good point about the Entitlement thing Rey. Red Sox fans are getting more and more like Yankees fans every day, huh? The thing that would have bugged me the most about Thursday night, if I cared at all about the Sox, is not that the fans lost hope. But, that they didn’t stick around until the end to say thanks for a great season.

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