Wally’s World Just Got a Little Smaller

After getting squashed by a mediocre Boston College squad, Notre Dame football is absolutely lifeless.   There’s really not much to write about, let alone care about.   They may beat Syracuse, but I think  they will lose again to Navy and get absolutely crushed by USC.   A once-promising season will be relegated to a 6-6 record.   This ND program is a huge contradiction.   We lose a very winnable, immensely frustrating game to Pitt, then we get good news about a highly ranked WR recruit from SoCal committing to the Irish, then we go and lay a big fat goose egg to BC.  Colin Cowherd is right … South Bend is the Bermuda Triangle of college football … where talented recruits just disappear.  The current Weis coaching staff … just like its two predecessors … appears to be incompetent.   Yes, they can recruit, which is an improvement over the previous post-Holtz regimes, but these guys cannot teach, motivate or effectively scheme a gameplan that works.   Whether it’s the seemingly constant holding penalties killing drives … or the kickers & punters kicking footballs with no air in them … this ND team just does not inspire me in any way.   They are lifeless … all you have to do is watch a game to see that.

This will be the last post dedicated to ND football …. until they make it worth my while to care again.   Not sure when that will be … maybe 2017 or somewhere around there. 

In the meantime, GO BOISE STATE!!!


6 Responses

  1. Aw gee Wally – cheer up. Lemme talk to Aunt Bea. Maybe she can make you a pie or something. 🙂

  2. Opey-
    Make sure Wally stays clear of Barney… I hear Paw let him have his one bullet earlier today and Wally shouldn’t be around a loaded weapon tonight…

  3. Strong word out of ND that Charley is gone. Not just people hollering for it, but actually rumor that he’s DONE. We shall see. I think it would be a mistake if done now, but time will tell. Has Urban Meyer changed his mind? Is Stoops finally thinking of coming? Is Saban ready to move already? Short of those three, I don’t see a reason to make such a move! Hang in Wally! 2012 might be the arrival!

  4. Pete —
    Doubt about Charlie’s abilities have certainly increased two- or three-fold since the BC loss, but I agree that it would be a mistake to fire him now or at end of season. He’s got another real good recruiting class coming in and I want to see what he can do in ’09 with essentially all of his players. On the surface, torpedoing this now makes no sense … UNLESS they have a GREAT coach already lined up … which I doubt.

  5. I heard Washington’s coach is available. What’s his name again?

  6. Did you have to mention that? 🙂

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